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UI design for Asigra's OneClick
work: User Interface Illustration and Designclient: Asigra year: 2010-2011
url: Click here to see the app for sale
Art direction for Backupheroes.com
work: Web Design/Directionclient: Backupheroes.com year: 2011 url: BackupHeroes.com
webdesign for Asigra
work: Web Design, CSS/XHTMLclient: Asigra year: 2010
url: Asigra Summit 2010 and Asigra 2010 Groundswell submission
webdesign for amphoraproducts.com
work: Web Design, Photography, CSS/XHTMLclient: Amphora Products year: 2009
url: amphoraproducts.com
Logo and webdesign for WritePunch.com
work: Art Direction/Design, Logo Design, CSS/XHTMLclient: WritePunch Inc. year: 2008
url: writepunch.com
Logo and webdesign for RoostersRoundup.com
work: Art Direction/Design, Logo Design, CSS/XHTMLclient: Untangled Web Inc.
year: 2008url: roostersroundup.com
Logo and webdesign for BananaGuide.com
work: Art Direction/Design, Logo Updating, CSS/XHTMLclient: Untangled Web Inc.
year: 2007url: bananaguide.com
webdesign for SonicBoom.com
work: Art Direction/Design, Photography, CSS/XHTMLclient: Sonic Boom Record Store
year: 2008url: sonicboom.com
Logo design for Clix
work: CSS, XHTML, PHP, JAVAclient: CMagazine year: 2009
url: cmagazine.com
Coding for YTV and Corus Networks
work: CSS/XHTMLclient: YTV & Corus Entertainment year: 2008 - 2009 url:corusent.com
webdesign for photographer Jonathan Nuss
work: Design, CSS/XHTMLclient: Jonathan Nuss year: 2009url: jonathannuss.com
Logo design for Clix
work: MySpace Customizationclient: Clix - Vancouver based DJ/Music Producer year: 2009
url: myspace.com/djclixvan
webdesign for RaiseUpArt.com
work: Art Direction/Design, Logo Design, CSS/XHTML, Managementclient: Self!
year: 2004 - Presenturl: raiseupart.com
webdesign for PublicJournal.ca
work: Art Direction/Design, CSS/XHTMLclient: Public Journal year: 2007
url: publicjournal.ca
webdesign for GeracisRestaurant.com
work: Art Direction/Design, CSS/XHTMLclient: Geraci's Restaurant in Cleveland, OH
year: 2006url: The company did not maintain their hosting or domain, site now defunct.
webdesign for CarolinaSardi.com
work: Art Direction/Design, CSS/XHTMLclient: Carolina Sardi year: 2007
url: carolinasardi.com
webdesign for Tracy Midulla Reller
work: Art Direction/Design, CSS/XHTMLclient: Tracy Midulla Reller year: 2007
url: tracymidulla.com
webdesign for Omy Magazine
work: Art Direction/Design, CSS/XHTMLclient: Omy Magazine year: 2006
url: Company is now out-of-business
webdesign for Keifer Sutherland's IronWorks Studio
work: Art Direction/Design, CSS/XHTMLclient: Kiefer Sutherland year: 2006
url: Website has been updated, redesigned
Topless Design is the freelance business name for me, Keaton Kash Taylor. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Design and Communication and have been at it full-time for the last 10+ years. My core competencies are in:
  • branding
  • art direction
  • information design
  • web design & code
  • presentations
  • technical diagrams
  • icon illustration
  • magazine layout
  • advertising
  • packaging
  • television titles
  • apparel
  • illustration
  • photography
Please browse through my work to see examples of each (and notice how versatile my design can be!).

Topless is fully versed in complicated coding languages such as:
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • XML
  • XSLT
  • AJAX
  • LAMP
  • Java
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Perl and C
Need a custom CMS back-end or a sleek ecommerce solution? No problem! Want a website that you can update yourself through an easy-to-use interface? Piece of cake.

So if you're as serious as Topless is about good work, fill out this short form and get a quote today!

Client List
  • 2HeadedHorse
  • Hemera Communications
  • Interbrand

  • AAA Going Places
  • Agent's Sales Journal
  • C magazine
  • Contax Magazine
  • Omy Mini-Mag
  • Public Journal
  • RaiseUp Art Books
  • The Snowboard Journal
  • Wine Adventure

  • Bianca Pratorius
  • Carolina Sardi
  • Clix
  • Ironworks Music
  • Jonathan Nuss
  • Kurt Piazza
  • Tracy Midulla-Reller
  • Vitamins For You
  • WritePunch Inc.

  • BananaGuide.com
  • FabFreeSites.com
  • Rock'N Roll Geishas
  • Rooster's Roundup
  • Untangeled Web Inc.
  • Agent Media
  • Ascent Brokerage
  • Chase Financial
  • Jefferson Pilot
  • Lead Masters
  • MetLife
  • Post Capital
  • URL Financial
  • Wellpoint Financial

  • Andy Howell
  • Artisan Infrastructure
  • Asigra
  • BackupHeroes.com
  • Flirt Night Club
  • Fuel TV
  • Geraci's Restaurant
  • Horop Company
  • Lakeland Montessori
  • Monica Noy
  • Paws At Play
  • Sonic Boom Records
  • SpinMaster Toys
  • Sweet G's
  • The Nest
  • TV Eye
  • Unity Music
  • YTV/Corus Entertainment
  • Amphora Products